Huntington Beachcruisers

Licensed and Bonded

In Orange County, the Huntington Beachcruiser Meet is an annual event every March featuring a quality, caliber, and variety of beach cruising vehicles that is unsurpassed. The meet is open to all “Beachcruisin” vehicles manufactured through 1967. If you hauled your board, buddies, or babe to the beach in it, it’s a beachcruiser. This event features station wagons, sedan deliveries, convertibles, VW transporters, nomads, woodies, pick-ups, and other similar vehicles of the era.

Proceeds from the Meet go towards important community programs and the National Woodie Club Scholarship Fund. The two day Beach Cruiser event also naturally draws some of the most outstanding vintage longboards displayed with the Woodies and Beachcruisers.